4 Reasons Jumbo Time Wines Should Be Your Go-to Natural Wine

4 Reasons Jumbo Time Wines Should Be Your Go-to Natural Wine

Picture this: you’re sitting around a table at a dinner party with your closest friends. The food is fresh off the grill, the conversation is flowing, and someone pops open a bottle of natural wine with a label you’ve never seen before. The classic script font you’re used to seeing on a bottle of red wine has been replaced with what seems to be a thoughtfully drawn cartoon character donning a leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses. Instantly, you’re intrigued and the moment you take the first sip from your glass you wonder, “how did this natural wine get to be so damn good?” 

At Jumbo Time Wines, we strive to spark this question in every place people are gathered — from dinner parties to backyard barbecues and every event in between. We’re focused on providing the best natural wine with the best sourced fruit and little to no intervention in the cellar. Your natural wine drinking experience should be carefree and fun without sacrificing flavor, taste or quality, all while knowing you are enjoying something that is responsibly made without the unnecessary junk. 

Here are four reasons Jumbo Time Wines should be your go-to natural wine brand: 

  • We’re Made in America — California, to be exact. Support Domestic! 
  • We’re simplifying the perception of natural wine
  • Our wine gift boxes never disappoint
  • Our wine clubs are the hottest around

We’re Made in America — California, to be exact

california natural wine

Omar Koukaz and Jonathan Yadegar founded Jumbo Time Wines — a natural wine project — in Los Angeles during 2020. Jumbo Time Wines works with organically grown fruit (dry farmed and biodynamic when possible), and practices zero intervention in the cellar. Basically, this is a fancy way of saying all organic wine from Jumbo Time Wines is free of additives like acidification agents, color enhancers, filtration, sulfur, and commercially made yeast. 

Because Jumbo Time Wines is based in California, our natural wine brand is proud to work with farmers who are curious and excited about what California has to offer and how to bring these elements into classic bottles of red wine (especially chilled reds!), white wine, orange wine, pet-nats and cider wine. As a California natural wine shop, attention to detail is of the utmost importance to our team at Jumbo Time Wines. By taking the time to work with individual fermentations of each grape, we are able to determine what flavor combinations make the most sense. So, you can rest assured that each glass of natural wine you sip from Jumbo Time Wines is organic, elegant, and has reached even the highest standards we set for ourselves.

We’re simplifying the perception of natural wine

organic wine

Gone are the days where wine clubs and tastings are associated with a stuffy, snobby atmosphere. At Jumbo Time Wines, our goal is to make the entirety of the wine consumption experience fun instead of daunting. The wine space has become intimidating to many and it’s our goal to make you feel welcomed. You don’t need to be certified sommelier to understand and enjoy our natural wines. 

Why settle for a generic glass of red wine when you can indulge in a pour of Jumbo Time Wines’ Game 7, a natural red wine that perfectly blends Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc. Or, ditch your standard white wine in favor of Casa Jus, a natural white wine that blends all the best parts of Riesling, Pinot Blanc, and Chardonnay. Whatever your flavor palette prefers, we believe your wine drinking experience should be fun from start to finish!


Our wine gift boxes never disappoint

wine gift box

How many times have you been scrambling for a last minute gift for a friend’s birthday? It’s okay to admit that it’s happened more than once (we’ve been there). Fortunately, at Jumbo Time Wines we’ve got the perfect gift for every occasion covered. 

Forgotten a best friend’s birthday? Get them a wine gift box. Need something for the annual office party gift exchange? Bring a wine gift box. Wanting to tell that special someone in your life how much you care? You guessed it — buy them a wine gift box. 

Seriously, with four different box sizes to choose from, several flavor pairings, and trendy packaging, you can never go wrong with gifting one of our wine gift sets. 

Our wine clubs are the hottest around

wine club

Looking for the hottest new club in town? Club Jumbo is a must-join for natural wine lovers everywhere! A highly exclusive, highly sought-after wine club, Club Jumbo delivers a curated selection of wines straight to your door. Choose from our three wine subscription options — Summer Wine Club, Fall Wine Club, and Year Round Wine Club — and you’ll receive the latest and greatest natural wine flavors without having to lift a finger. Honestly, it doesn’t get much easier than that. The best part? All Club Jumbo members receive a discount on every purchase! Seasonal club members will receive 10% off and year-round members will receive 15% off all Jumbo Time Wines purchases, as well as other perks. 

Okay, we’ve spent enough time convincing you why Jumbo Time Wines should be your go-to natural wine shop. Now, it’s time to let our products speak for themselves. Choose from our selection of natural red wine, natural white wine, natural orange wine, and natural cider wine and place your first order today!