The Estate

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We’re couldn't be more excited about The Estate wine, perhaps the most excited we've been about a wine to date! It’s the kind of wine we set our sights on since the start of Jumbo Time , and it’s really cool to finally have it ready to share.

This is 100% Pinot Noir from Massa Vineyard,  a new vineyard site for us in Carmel Valley. Carmel is special because it stays cool, and doesn’t get as hot as the places we’ve gotten Pinot from in the past. This means less sugar but later picks, and the result is a really pretty, dare we say elegant?! fresh red wine. 

While it’s 100% Pinot, it’s made from two different grafts of the grape, grown side by side at Massa. We did two punch downs a day as fermentation started, and then aged the wine for nine months (it’s our baby!) in neutral French oak. We love drinking traditional Pinot Noir from Burgundy, and while this isn’t Burgundy, it’s a damn good Pinot Noir all the same.

Light tannins, fresh acidity, delicate aromatics, it hits all the notes for us! We think classic wines are just as important as fun ones. But some wines can be both—that is what the new classic California tastes like to us! It’s a bit of a departure, but change is good. We change, so the wines ought to as well! Even though it’s not a glugger to chuck in the fridge, and drink icy at the park, it’s still a Jumbo Time wine—we wear many hats!

The Estate is a fresh red wine that smells like rose petals, with a fruit forward palate of red currants, pink peppercorns and a hint of grapefruit. Drink it cellar temp and pair it with whatever you’re pulling out of the oven on a school night.

100% Pinot Noir - Massa Vineyard, Carmel Valley

12.31% ABV, 20ppm Total SO2