Summer Love


Our first Co-Ferment! A mingling of red and white grapes that were picked all on the same day from Hawkeye Ranch in Mendocino. The love-child of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, this wine has everything we love in a bottle of lightly-chilled red wine. A touch of volatility, a touch of oxidation and tons of brooding fruit. It’s lightly herbaceous, with hints of dried plums and black cherries, with the soft, rose-water scent of good pinot noir from California.

Even though this wine is a red-white blend, it doesn’t taste like crunchy, barely-there red wine. In fact, the Chardonnay is what gives the lean red fruit more flesh and texture, so that Summer Love stands out as a bottle with minimal weight, but present medium-bodied structure. You can get it cold, but then let the bottle rest on your outdoor table for a while—it’ll be even better as it opens up in the warmth of an almost-over Summer day. 

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