Summer Fam

Summer Fam


Our entire Summer Release in one big bundle ! 

750 ML Bottles 

1x Ladies Nite: 100% Sparkling Chardonnay 

1x Top Down: 100% Direct-Press Chardonnay 

1x The Gift: Alsatian Orange Blend 

1x The Sauce: Pinot Noir + Chardonnay Chilled Red  

1x The Breeze: 100% Sparkling Riesling 

1x Surf's Up: 50% Carbonic Cinsaut + Muscat 

Lil Jumbos 

1x School's Out: 100% Direct-Press Chardonnay 

1x Rose Garden: California Rose 

1x Ring Leader: Alsatian Orange Blend 

1x Summer Love: Chilled Red Blend 

Equivalent to 8 bottles of wine :)