Ladies Nite

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We’re bringing back Ladies Night—just in time for Summer! This is our favorite Summer pet-nat, a crisp and mineral-driven sparkler made with the first pick of California Chardonnay from Hawkeye Ranch.

“The first pick” means the grapes are harvested a bit earlier in the season, which lends the wine a refreshing tartness and crisper edge. It also often means less alcohol—so, yes this is good for drinking at any time of day, morning through night.

Tastes like salty tonic water and lime, or the first bite of a crisp, tart green apple. Smells like green plums, and early season stone fruit.  It shouldn’t explode when you open it, but be sure to get this one super cold before drinking!

100% Chardonnay

11% ABV, Dry, No added sulfites