Final Credits


Final Credits is our first extended, single varietal maceration. 100% Zabala Riesling from 2021. Zabala is one of our newer partner vineyards based in Monterey where the air is cooler and tastes of sea salt when the breeze comes in. 

This Riesling sat for 93 days on the skins, after being de-stemmed. We pressed it off and left it in barrel for nine months. We let this wine take its time, and the result is a big orange wine, with notes of warm spices and sun-ripened golden fruit. Chalky and caramelized, rustic at first, with nutty overtones. There’s some slight acid that snakes its way through the bottle, holding the juice up over at least three days.

The perfect wine to open at the end of the night for a glass when you’re not quite ready to call it bedtime, and finish the following day with a bowl of brothy clams or anchovy pasta.

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