Final Credits

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Final Credits is our orange wine for the person who doesn’t think they like orange wine. It’s also our orange wine for the person that loves orange wine and isn’t afraid to tell you.

Made from 100% Riesling, grown at McFadden Farm in Mendocino–Potter Valley, to be exact—one of the newer vineyards we’ve been working with this year. We couldn’t be happier to have made a wine so reflective of this beautiful place! Riesling is a grape we’ve worked with before, but Riesling from McFadden is something else. We fell in love with the McFadden grapes after making The Tropics (from their Gewurtztraminer). 

For the 2022 vintage of Final Credits, we macerated the fruit for a total of 55 days of skins. We aged for seven months in neutral oak barrels before bottling and the result is a Riesling racing with acidity, aromatic but not overly tropical.

It smells like burnt sugar and wildflowers, with a streak of ripping acidity that brings all the intricacies of this wine to the finish line.  Notes of green, ripe pears and bright citric acidity. Pair it with seafood, a spiced and roasted chicken, or our personal preference–latkes and caviar. 

Drink it slowly and let it open up over time, or get it cold and drink it quickly. we won’t be offended.

100% Riesling Skin Contact Riesling - McFadden Vineyard, Potter Valley

12.05% ABV, 20ppm Total SO2  

The Riesling vines at McFadden were planted in 1972. They’ve unfortunately been replanted this year, after we picked for Final Credits, due to disease. We won’t be able to remake this wine again next year, but we wouldn’t have been able to remake it entirely anyway, no matter how hard we tried. The journey continues, and we hope you’ll keep track of it with us!