The Open

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The Open is 100% California Pinot Blanc. A crisp white wine with some body, perfect for that mini-season when there’s more of a spring in your step but you haven’t quite put away your sweaters. 

We love Alsatian varietals, but have always leaned into their aromatics, acidity and texture as a good fit for our orange wines. We decided to try something else out, and pressed this Pinot Blanc after a single foot treading. The result is a zippy white wine, somewhat ripe but definitely not flabby, that puts this special grape on center stage.

There’s some structure, and although fresh, it’s definitely got some weight—drink it with a roasted Spring chicken, new potatoes and as many herbs as possible!

100% Pinot Blanc

13.72% ABV, 20ppm SO2 added at bottling