Top Down

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We decided to double down on one of the wines we made last Summer, and create a 2.0 version we like even better. 100% Chardonnay from our trusty partner Pete Johnson of Hawkeye Ranch.

This year’s Top Down is a broad white wine that smells like butterscotch. This wine has big texture and big flavor, but it's not too heavy—you can drink it without food, we promise! This is a crisp California white wine, and we think it would pair perfectly with just about anything gracing your picnic blanket this Summer. 

Butterscotch and burnt caramel on the nose with a bigger mouthfeel on the palate. Tastes like sweet citrus rind, honeysuckle and jasmine. 

100% Chardonnay

12.75% ABV, 20 ppm SO2 added at Bottling