Group Hug

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Our third vintage of of Group Hug and we’re still trying things out!

This wine has become the symbol for our love of apple-grape pet nat wines, and this year’s version is slamming. It’s a bit of juice that we held back from last year’s bottling, and then splashed with fresh picks of Zinfandel from Cox Ranch in Mendocino, and organic Gravenstein apples from Sebastopol.

This is technically called a Solera: old juice, refermented with new juice to create something fresh and complete. We added a tiny bit of Riesling on top of it all at the last minute (what the heck) to give it an extra kick

A bubbly, high-acid apple-grape wine. It’s everything we want to drink this time of year! Not quite a cider, not quite a wine, all the best of both. There’s crunch from the apples, round plummy fruit and zipping texture. Perfect when you have just enough time to open a bottle before dinner.

82% Gravenstein Apples, 15% Zin, 3% Riesling 

9% ABV l 0/0