Hot Tub

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Hot Tub is a 50/50 co-ferment of 2021 Carignan & Apples that drinks like a medium bodied red. The Carignan is from  Hawkeye Ranch (our old friend, and day-one farming collaborator Pete Johnson’s project in Redwood Valley). After being foot-treaded, the Carignan is bathed in direct press Dutton Ranch apple juice.  We leave it all together for a week, and then press everything off and keep the juice in neutral french oak barrels for over a year before bottling.

The result is a red wine that’s light in body but full in presence on the palate and the nose. Pretty but tart in its cherry-like notes, with a chalkiness from the apples that give some light tannins as the wine opens up. It’s crunchy like a pinot, but with a bit more fresh orchard fruit.