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Jumbo Jimmy is a collaboration with our friend Chuhk from Rainbow Jimmy. This is the first time we’ve ever done something in partnership twice and something we hope to do as long as Jumbo Time and Rainbow Jimmy coexist. 

Each order comes with a limited edition Pear + Sauvignon Blanc sparkling cider wine &  a royal blue, 5 panel trucker hat. 

Only 50 produced : ) 

Jumbo Time Wines - Fall Release

Final Credits 2021

now available

VIP Section

VIP Section

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V.I.P Section (Very Important Pear), is a 50/50 blend of Bartlett pears & Sauvignon Blanc. All 2022 fruit, making for a wine that is crunchy, fresh and zippy with light acidity.

We directly pressed Sauvignon Blanc from Clarksburg and blended it with our directly pressed pear juice from Hawkeye Ranch. Bottled just before it went dry to get a naturally sparkling wine that’s not disgorged but not explosive—just cloudy, textured and full of fuzzy green, plummy fruit.

It’s salty and mineral, refreshing and clean enough for a round of oysters but lively enough to begin the night on its own. Drink cold!